queen dandelion
Ruby, Vera, & Elisa
by miyabird

family portrait
Ruby, Vera, & Queen Dandelion
by miyabird
QD by Herb Chong

Series : The Dancing Thoughts  Last night, I slept on a parched soil  And danced among the dust of this world, the wind whispered, When you were born, you had a sunflower eyes and fitted right inside your father’s palm. And they wondered for years  How love, lust and desire had turn itself into a dust,  A dust that breathes in the air and circles in the dark.queendandelionmiyabird

Elisa (1/7/14 | Averill Park, NY) - Quite Frankly Magazine Vol. 1
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by Dent de Lion
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qd by miyabird
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qd by vk-photography